What is Powerlifting Source?

What is Powerlifting Source

Powerlifting Source is a website dedicated to provide the most up to date, accurate, and easily accessible information about powerlifting possible.

I’ve had a dream to create a site that is more aesthetic and easier to use than another similar site. While there are a lot of steps that need to be taken to get up and running, I will make this post more of a running tab on what is left and what all is needed.

If you are also interested in creating a better source of powerlifting information, help spread the word by joining our social media accounts and help us out by curating content.

Powerlifting Source is going to be more of a hub for resources rather than a creator. This means the more help with curating content the better this site will perform.

What all needs done?

None of this is in order, I will probably move stuff around as I cross things out and reorganize things. Right now it’s just a list as it comes to my mind.

Striked out means completed. May need a last touch later but will help me get the list shorter.

  • Logo work
  • News Submission code worked out
  • News submission aesthetics – Mostly completed
  • New user registration form – Needs a little work for looks but it works
  • Default images for news submission posting without photos (for general aesthetic looks on site)
  • Classifieds programmed¬† – name, email, pics (if any), comments
  • Classifieds aesthetics
  • Rankings – figure out best way to display, organize, and search through
  • Rankings display
  • Meet results page – not sure if posts, or a separate design needed
  • Meet results display
  • Add Meets form
  • Powerlifting World Records – can make this a simple page and update when news comes in
  • Powerlifting Resources – this will be a host of all information related to PL
    • PL Gyms – searchable for state, add more rich content per gym when possible
    • PL Feds – info on all feds, 1 per page, all info possible, links to fed sites
    • eCom Stores
    • Popular Blogs
  • All social medias filled out, all images updated, try to recruit some users to help
  • Code for “latest news”, “upcoming meets”, “newest classifieds postings”

Why am I posting this somewhat useless info? I’m trying to be transparent and show what the plans are for the site as it unfolds.

It’s going to take a lot of work and some time to get things built up how the other site is, but the other site has also been around for probably close to 2 decades.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or want to help just email me and I’ll get back with you.

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